Facts and myths

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In response to some questions from our customers we give you some advice and present a few facts and myths about natural skin and hair care products:

1. Never ever apply natural cosmetics to skin before cleansing it thoroughly. This particularly refers to your face!
2. Do not store your natural cosmetics in a hot environment or exposed to sun.
3. If you have bought a blend of natural hair oils – such as our 7 Oils hair mask, you can safely rub it into your scalp as well! It is a 100% natural cosmetic product and can be used on your hair and scalp.
4. Do not use our sugar or coffee scrub on your face. They both contain sugar, there is also some salt in our coffee scrub. They are not suitable for use on your face then, as it wouldn’t be pleasant. Ouch!
5. Mind your eyes! Our products are natural, but it doesn’t mean that they will prove eye-friendly. Ps. this refers to black soap too!
6. Hemp seed oil has nothing to do with drugs. Don’t expect anything interesting to happen if you drink it. You won’t get high. Sorry!
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