Facts and myths

Facts and myths about natural cosmetics1

In response to some questions from our customers we give you some advice and present a few facts and myths about natural skin and hair care products:

1. Never ever apply natural cosmetics to skin before cleansing it thoroughly. This refers to your face in particular!
2. Do not store your natural cosmetics in a hot environment or exposed to sun.
3. Remember that during the first days of using natural skin care products, your skin gets used to natural ingredients and gets rid of synthetic ingredients present in the products that you have been using so far. As a result, for some time you may notice some pimples on your face, but don’t worry, it’s a temporary problem.
4. However, in case your skin gets irritated, and skin redness does not fade after some time, replace the product with another one, as some natural ingredients (such as orange oil) are allergens too.
5. Our offer includes a variety of natural skin and hair care oils and products consisting of diverse blends of natural ingredients. If the first product you choose doesn’t prove the right one for you, don’t give up and keep looking for the ideal product for your skin or hair.
6. If you have bought a blend of natural hair oils – such as our 7 Oils hair mask, you can safely rub it into your scalp as well! It is a 100%-natural cosmetic product and can be used on your hair and scalp.
7. Do not use our sugar or coffee scrubs on your face. They both contain sugar and there is also some salt in our coffee scrub. They are not suitable for use on your face then, as it wouldn’t be pleasant. Ouch!
8. Use face scrubs after cleansing your face thoroughly. A face scrub is supposed to remove dead skin cells, not your makeup. Remember then to remove makeup before using it!
9. Mind your eyes! Our products are natural, but it doesn’t mean that they will prove eye-friendly. Ps. this refers to Black Soap too!
10. Hemp seed oil has nothing to do with drugs. Don’t expect anything interesting to happen if you drink it. You won’t get high. Sorry!
11. Our skin care products for pregnant women help to prevent stretch marks and make the skin firm. If skin problems such as stretch marks and elasticity loss concern you too – don’t hesitate to buy them. Using them won’t get you pregnant! Similarly, those with sensitive skin should try our skin care products for kids and babies.
12. Each batch of natural skin care products is slightly different. In nature, there are no identical things, thus particular batches of raw materials are different. Moreover, our products are handmade, it is impossible then for all batches to have the same colour and thickness.
13. If any pet, animal, rodent or bug licks your skin covered with natural products, it won’t be harmed, we promise.
14. Our coconut oil is of cosmetics grade, it is meant to be used as skin and hair care oil. It is not food grade oil – it can’t be eaten or used for cooking.
15. Our massage candle won’t cause any skin burns (watch out for the flame though), so you can safely pour some warm body lotion melted from the candle straight on your skin. CAUTION! Our massage candles create such a romantic atmosphere, that they have gotten many women pregnant! Remember not to leave a lit candle unattended.
16. If you have bought our Natural Scalp Care Mask, keep some strong hair spray at hand to tame the unruly baby hair that will soon appear on your head.
17. Rose hip oil does not smell like roses, while the aroma of Tamanu oil is peculiar and it rather resembles chicken broth seasoning than flowers – so if you use it, instead of smelling like them, for a moment you will smell like chicken broth. Luckily, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, isn’t it?;) 
18. Even a large amount of slimming skin care products won’t help you lose weight. In order to drop a few pounds you have to exercise and mind what you eat. Slimming skin care products will help you make your skin firm and supple though, which is a good start.
19. The thickness of natural skin care products may change as temperature changes. In cool places vegetable oils and natural moisturizers may seem thicker, while on hot days their thickness decreases and they turn more watery. 
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